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Release Tension Gain Flexibility Improve Yoga Poses Back Pain Relief in 5 Minutes Beginner Friendly Quick and Easy Setup


Studies show that Yoga Swing is more effective than tissue massage
one hour deep or multiple sets of chiropractic adjustments.
It can help relieve the pain associated with sciatica,
herniated discs and even neck or hip pain.
Use the swing to gain spinal traction and relieve
the pressure of your spinal discs. Daily use will help you feel how the effects
Cumulative healing from reversal therapy add up. You will also strengthen your upper body and core, relieve stress,
prevent injury, promote your overall physical health and explore
new poses that would otherwise be inaccessible. It also helps to open
the front of your body, including shoulders, abdomen and chest! Not just for yoga experts! Designed to be used by anyone,
from individuals to fitness enthusiasts. Extremely friendly for beginners.
You can go there as easy or as hard as you want
inside and outside
  • INSTALLATION: Hang it indoors or outdoors, install it in a doorway or attach it to a ceiling beam.
  • AGE: 7 to 75 years recommended WEIGHT LIMIT: 500kg / 1102 lb

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